Trinity is pleased to offer online giving as a convenient and secure way for you to give. Initially we are only offering online giving for general tithes & offerings and building fund offerings. No other contributions or payments can be made online at this time. You will be able to select one or more of the following categories for your gift.

General Budget – This will direct your offering to the General Budget. The mission portion of your gift will be divided equally to Trinity, CBF & SBC missions.

Note: If you wish to direct your mission portion differently please notify Laurie Dillard by email
Building Fund- Pledge – This will direct your offering to the building fund and apply it against your pledge
Building Fund- Non-Pledge- This will direct your offering to the Building Fund. Use this if you did not make a Better Together Building Pledge in 2014.
Sample Gift: You want to give $200 to the General Fund and you want to give $50 towards your Building Pledge. This is what you would need to enter:
General Budget $200.00
Building Fund- Pledge $50.00
You may elect to give by credit card or by electronic debit from your bank account.

To make a gift by electronic check, you will need your bank routing number and account number that appear at the bottom of your checks.
To make a gift by credit card you will need your credit card number, expiration date and security code on the back of the card. You may use Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.
While we do accept credit and debit cards, please consider using electronic funds transfer. Unlike credit cards, there is a much smaller cost incurred by the church thus allowing your donation to go much further in accomplishing our mission!

To Give A Gift Online:

Click on the link Make A Gift – Once you click on Make A Gift you will leave Trinity’s website and be redirected to a secured website hosted by MinistryLINQ.
Once you are on the secured website, the first thing you will want to do
is create a Profile by clicking on ‘Create Profile’ in the upper right
corner by Log In. This is very small print and easily overlooked.
Creating a Profile will allow you to return to a recurring gift when needed to make changes. It also allows you to avoid reentering your information each time you make a onetime gift.

Should you require assistance, please email Jo Ann Tillman at
or you may contact her by phone at 901-759-5955.